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How to Dye a Canvas Backpack: The Complete Guide

Dye a Canvas Backpack

If you have a canvas backpack that you love but you’d prefer that it be a different color, dyeing it is the perfect solution. Since canvas is usually made out of linen or cotton, you’ll have to first find the right type of dye according to the type of fabric used to make it. As a general rule, dyeing a canvas backpack can be done one of two ways: either by using a washing machine or doing the job by hand. This article will cover both of these methods so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you.

Dye a Canvas Backpack

The Washing Machine Method

The first thing you’ll need to do with your backpack is make sure it is spotless and clean. You can do this by using a soft nylon brush to remove chunks of dirt and debris, then place the backpack in your washing machine and run it through a wash with hot water. Once it’s washed, let it air-dry outside in the sun until it is completely dry. Before you wash the bag, get it wet first, and you’ll want to end the process by running it through the drain and spin cycle before air-drying it.

It’s best if you use a basic all-purpose dye, but check the label first to make sure that particular brand of dye will work on canvas. While the canvas bag is still in the washing machine, add your dye; in most cases, you’ll need to pour in the entire bottle. Follow that with a full bottle of hot water, and if you also add a tablespoon of regular washing powder, it can help the dye soak into the fabric a lot more efficiently. Keep in mind that there are several types of dye, but liquid dye always works best when you choose the washing machine method.

At this point, you’ll want to take a bowl and fill it up with one cup of salt and four cups of boiling water, making sure the salt dissolves completely. Try not to use kosher salt because the finer the salt, the better the dye will be “lured” into the fabric so that it is completely soaked into it. Ten minutes after the wash cycle starts, stop the machine and pour the salt-water mixture into the detergent section of the machine.

Let the cycle finish completely, then let the canvas bag go through the entire wash cycle one more time, this time using warm water instead of hot. Don’t remove the bag until all of these steps have taken place for the best results. Once you’ve finished with the entire process, let the bag air-dry in the sun until it is completely dry. You’ll also have to make sure you thoroughly clean your washing machine before using it again to remove any remnants of the dye. For this, most people use either bleach or vinegar, and end the process by wiping away any dye that was left behind before going any further.

The DIY Method

Many people choose the do-it-yourself, or manual, method of dyeing their canvas backpack. The first thing you’ll need to remember is that while dyeing a light-colored bag a darker color is simple enough, it doesn’t always work the other way. Many canvas bags have a design that was put there with dye, and you may not be able to dye over the darker colors. In this case, the best thing you can do is always go with a darker color when dyeing a canvas backpack, unless your backpack is already fairly light.

You’ll start by filling up a large bucket or pan with hot water, filling up roughly half of the container. For this type of dyeing job, you can use either powder or liquid dye, but make sure your container is big enough for both the backpack and the dye you’ll be putting in it. If you use a powder dye, mix it thoroughly in a smaller bowl first that is filled with hot water. Once it’s dissolved, you can pour that smaller bowl into your large container.

Next, take a separate bowl and combine one cup of fine salt with four cups of hot water. Pour the contents of that bowl into the large container. This will make the dyeing process a lot more efficient, regardless of the type of dye you use. The next step is to put on some rubber gloves and gently place the bag into your container, being extra careful not to spill the dye mixture anywhere outside of that container. You’ll also want to make sure the dye doesn’t get on your hands, but the gloves should prevent this from happening.

Let the bag sit in the dye mixture for a minimum of fifteen minutes, although it’s likely going to take longer than that. Check the bag every fifteen minutes until the color is the color you want it to be, then place your container in a sink or near a faucet, and run water over the container until the water coming out is clear. Be warned that this can be a time-consuming process, so do not rush it. The bag needs to be thoroughly rinsed before going any further.

Finally, wash the backpack in the washing machine using hot water and a gentle detergent, but it’s best to wash the bag by itself in order to avoid accidentally dyeing or staining other items. Afterwards, air-dry the backpack outside in the sun, making sure you don’t do this on a day it’s supposed to rain. You’ll want to make sure the backpack is thoroughly dry before removing it from your outdoor area.

Are There Other Things to Remember?

There are other types of dye than powder and liquid; for instance, some people use a dye paste, but this method is a little more time-consuming because you usually have to use a paint brush and brush the dye onto the fabric. This can be difficult with a backpack. To make it easier on yourself, you might want to stick with basic liquid or powder dyes because they are easier to work with and are reliable to boot.

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