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How To Wax Canvas Backpack: The Complete Guide

Wax Canvas Backpack

One type of durable backpack that is highly popular is the canvas. A canvas backpack comes in various styles that let customers select premium goods that are stylish and appropriate for any situation.

Backpacks made of 100% waxed canvas are of the highest quality and are noted for being incredibly durable. A canvas backpack is versatile in standard, small, and extra-large sizes.

Regular fabric or full-grain leather straps are typically included with canvas rucksacks. Backpacks made of canvas are quite durable. Because they can withstand more wear and tear, they are also the materials that are used the most frequently. In this essay, I’ve explained how to wax a canvas backpack.

Waxing a canvas backpack

Any cloth can be waxed, but remember that waxing will make the fabric less breathable and cause the color to darken. That works excellent for things like jackets, backpacks, and other items, but not so much for stuff you’ll need to wash frequently.

An excellent DIY task is waxing your canvas backpack. It’s enjoyable, stress-free, and therapeutic. A fresh coat of wax accomplishes several things:

  • Brings back the fabric’s original hues
  • Makes the canvas bag waterproof again
  • Demonstrates your pride in your possessions.

You’ll need equipment to wax your bag.

Before even considering waxing your canvas backpack, you’ll need some of the following tools.

Wax for Waxed Canvas Bags

  • Blow drier
  • Soft brush
  • Bowl of water
  • Dawn soap
  • An old t-shirt or clean.
  • A little work and some lovely music.

How To Wax Canvas Backpack

The procedure of applying wax on the back of your canvas is step-by-step. You must make sure that each step is completed as directed. Here are detailed directions for waxing or re-waxing your canvas backpack.

Step 1: Clean your backpack first.

An extensively used canvas backpack will exhibit stains and discoloration; eventually, it might have lost part of its original sheen. Cleaning your backpack will restore this. Then, use tape to de-lint your bag, paying careful attention to the seams at the top and sides.

Add some shampoo and liquid to a container. Using your brush and this soapy combination, fresh the panels. Be bold; your canvas bag can handle it.

Give you recently washed bag a night to air dry. Avoid using a blow drier to speed up the process, as this could cause the fibers in your bag to shrink.

Step 2: Melt the Wax.

The excitement starts here. Use a blow drier to slightly melt the wax in your tin so it is mushy but not transparent. While you work, you will occasionally need to reheat your wax.

Step 3: Put the melted wax into your backpack.

Add your cloth-wrapped index finger to your mushy wax and apply it to the bag one portion at a time. Try to get a uniform, smooth coat. Grab all of the edges and the sections. Don’t let the canvas dry in any area. To prevent getting wax on the leather, move slowly enough. This will take roughly thirty minutes for a Short brief, for instance. Do not rush.

Step 4: Use your blow dryer to even out the wax coating.

You should even out your work once you’ve applied a coat of wax. Your splotchy waxing job will magically disappear into the seams and cloth. Moreover, this cleans the bag of any wax globules. The entire amount of wax needs to be sealed into the bag in around 15 minutes. Patience.

Step 5: Enjoy the bag after letting it sit overnight.

After you’re through, leave your bag overnight to dry off since it will have been damp. Use it bag the following day. It would help if you continued for another year.


Waxing a canvas backpack renews the original colors, restores waterproofness, and displays pride in possessions. It is a fun, stress-free, and cathartic pastime. Using the corners and edges of the bar to get into cracks and close to rivets and leather, rub the wax on the canvas in broad, even strokes.

It’s simple to wax canvas by oneself. A waxed canvas bag has a rugged, aged appearance in addition to the functional advantages of repelling water and grime, which is a subtle tribute to those nautical men.

Choose your new favorite canvas backpack carefully to meet your needs. The canvas backpack should then be waxed with a sealer, such as beeswax, to protect the color and fabric while making it waterproof to finish the procedure.

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